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What forms to complete when applying for Student Admission?

Students must complete the following forms and submit to the Education Committee for approval.

Forms Documentation
Form 6 03A Student Admission Fee $345.00 (includes HST)
Form 6.03B Photo of passport type
Form 6.03C (two sponsors) Official transcript
Form 6.05A


What is the articling requirement for students?

A student must complete 12 months of articling (which includes a 7 week Bar Admission Course). Articling time is counted month – month (ex. June 1 – July 1 = 1 month of articling)

When does credit for articling start?

Articling time can only start counting after the student has been approved by the Education Committee as a student-at-law.

When can a student receive credit for articling?

Credit toward service of Articles can be given for a maximum of three months following second year of law school. A continuous period of at least nine months service of articles must occur after graduating from law school.

Please note:
Credit toward Articles cannot be given retroactively for any service done before the Education Committee approves an application.

What Education Plans must be completed throughout articling time?

Once approved as a student at law, you must complete Education Plans at various times throughout the 12 months of articling:

What do I do if I change my principal during my articles?

Students who change principals throughout their 12 months of articling must complete the following form and submit to the Law Society:

Do I need to notify the Law Society when I commence or recommence articling?

A student-at-law must notify the Law Society in writing whenever they commence, finish or recommence articling.

Can I be absent from articles?

Rule 6.06 states:
(2)(c) not be absent from the practice of his or her principal without the consent of his or her principal and in any event absences for periods in excess of one (1) week or for an aggregate period of more than four (4) weeks must be approved by the education committee;

When is the Bar Admission Course held?

The Bar Admission Course is held in October and November (7 weeks).

What do I do if I require special accommodation for the Bar Exam?

Rule 6.10(3) allows for the request of special accommodations to be made in order to facilitate the completion of the bar exam.

When is a student permitted to appear before certain courts and administrative tribunals?

Only students who have already received their law degree from a Canadian law school or other university approved by the Education Committee and already completed at least three months Articles are permitted to make student appearances

When are the Call to the Bar ceremonies held?

There are 4 Call to the Bar ceremonies a year: February, April, June, and October

What are the Student Fees?


Student Admission $300.00 + 45.00 HST = $345.00
Bar Admission Course $2250.00 + 337.50 HST = $2587.50
Transfer Student $2500.00 + 375 HST = $2875.00
Call to the Bar $625.00 + 93.75 HST = $718.75

How do I apply to transfer under the National Mobility Agreement?

Transfer students must complete the following forms and submit to the Education Committee for approval.