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Loss Prevention Bulletins

CLIA, your insurer, has developed a series of loss prevention bulletins, newsletters and e-bytes. To access information about these free products, go to

Safe and Effective Practice Book

Note from CLIA: This book will help you practice law safely and effectively.  It is designed for random reading rather than as a resource for research and argument.  Accordingly, it is in an “easy-to-read” style and does not contain references to authorities or analysis and discussion of legal principles. You are urged to keep it handy and to regularly pick up and read it.  The quality of your practice will improve if you do.

VITALITY Newsletter

Homewood Health, our Professional Assistance Program Providers, has introduced a newsletter intended to support wellness in the workforce.

Issue #1 February 2019 “Uncovering Hidden Addictions”

Issue #1 February 2018  “Connecting Healthy Sleep and Workplace Safety”
Issue #2 May 2018  “Tips for Leading Multi-Generational Teams”
Issue #3 August 2018  “How to Support Employees with Children Attending School”
Issue #4 November 2018 “Supporting Men in Getting Mental Health and Addiction Support”

Issue #1 February 2017  “Supporting Successful Return to Work”
Issue #2 May 2017  “Transgender, Where to Find and How to Give Support”
Issue #3 August 2017  “Guiding Employees Through Change”
Issue #4 November 2017  “Tips for Creating a Healthy Workplace”

LIFE LINES Newsletter

Lifelines Newsletter is a resource from Homewood Health intended to support wellness with useful information and tips

Issue #1 January 2019 “How to Combat Post-Holiday Depression”
Issue #2 February 2019 “How to Support Children Who Identify as LGBTQ2+”
Issue #3 March 2019 “Women’s Mental Health”


Issue #1 January 2018  “Dealing with Seasonal Depression”
Issue #2 February 2018  “Learning About Eating Disorders”
Issue #3 March 2018  “The Importance of Sleep”
Issue #4 April 2018  “LGBTQ+ Mental Health”
Issue #5 May 2018  “Supporting First Responders”
Issue #6 June 2018  “The Many Faces of PTSD”
Issue #7 July 2018  “The Link Between Concussion and Depression”
Issue #8 August 2018  “Student Mental Health”
Issue #9 September 2018  “Addiction and Recovery”
Issue #10 October 2018 “360 Degrees of Mental Health”
Issue #11 November 2018 “Men’s Mental Health”
Issue #12 December 2018 “Holiday Stress and Anxiety Prevention”