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The Law Society recognizes that, for lawyers to provide the best possible service to the public, they must take steps to look after their own wellness.  To that end, the Law Society emphasizes the importance of work-life balance from the time that an individual becomes a member of the Law Society through to the time that individual is ready to retire and provides a variety of supports.

For example, the Law Society, through its Insurance Program, provides free access to assistance for lawyers, their staff, articled clerks, students, and their families for a wide range of personal circumstances including addiction, anger management, anxiety, communication problems, depression, and stress. This service is offered through Homewood Health which has more than 33 years of experience and provides counseling as one of its key supports. The Law Society actively encourages lawyers to seek assistance through this program by highlighting these benefits in presentations at the Bar Admission course, advertising frequently and specifically directing individuals to the service when the need is apparent.

In addition, the Law Society offers, as part of its mandatory Continuing Legal Education program, access to seminars which focus on wellness, including seminars on such topics as “Mental Health and Lawyers” and “Mindfulness at Work”.