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Documents to be submitted for Student Admission

All of the following documents must be submitted by an applicant applying for admission to the Society as a student before the application is considered by the Education Committee.

  • Form 6 03A – Application for Admission as student and affidavit
  • Form 6.03B – Application for Enrollment as student (Applicant’s Questionnaire), including Declaration of Applicant
  • Form 6.03C – Two Sponsor’s Questionnaires, one of which is to be completed by each of the applicant’s two sponsors
  • Form 6.05A – Articles of Clerkship
  • A transcript from the law school which the applicant is attending. In the case of an applicant who has already graduated from law school, a photocopy of the Law Degree and a transcript from the law school is required. (Please note that those applicants who are admitted as students before graduating from law school will need to submit a photocopy of their Law Degree when it is obtained)
  • A photo of passport type
  • A cheque or money order in the amount of the $345.00 ($45.00 HST included) payable to the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador for the student application fee
  • Photocopy of a government issued photo identification