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Adjudicators for Appeal Hearings (all regions) – Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs


Section 40 of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000


Level III – Chair ($475 normal working day or greater)


Adjudicators are appointed to hear, decide and issue orders respecting appeals where, under the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000 or regulations, an appeal adjudicator is required to do so. For additional information on the appeal process, please visit:  and for information on hearings and recent decisions, please visit


The Minister shall appoint not more than twenty persons to hear appeals as per section 40. (1) of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000.

Competency Profile

Adjudicators are appointed by the Minister and should ideally possess and demonstrate the following:

  • effective decision making/ judgment, analytical, organizational and communication abilities;
  • ability to review and interpret legal briefs and case law ;
  • strong aptitude to work independently with digital technology, computers, and recording devices;
  • excellent report writing skills including producing and formatting final documents;
  • ability to facilitate and oversee a formal hearing process;
  • ability to think critically;
  • ability to manage time and tasks;
  • ability to effectively exchange information;
  • strong reflective listening skills;
  • policy interpretation skills;
  • legislative analysis skills;
  • stakeholder engagement skills;
  • professionalism; and
  • high ethical standards and integrity.


Adjudicators will require completion of a Degree in Land Use Planning and/or Law (equivalencies will be considered). In addition, a recognized professional designation relevant to municipal development would be an asset.

The ideal personal attributes include:

  • experience with legislative research and interpretation;
  • experience in interpreting policy and regulations;
  • experience with reviewing and interpreting legal briefs and case law;
  • experience working with municipal and provincial planning legislation in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • experience in urban and rural planning and land use planning matters;
  • experience with local governance, municipal administration, and administrative law;
  • experience in chairing hearings/ arbitrations/ meetings;
  • experience independently conducting investigations;
  • experience preparing written reports/ submissions or legal reports/ submissions;
  • knowledge of land use planning, development control, and municipal enforcement in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • knowledge of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000;
  • knowledge of the Municipalities Act, 1999; and
  • knowledge of related acts and legislation (asset)

Time Commitments

Adjudicators should be available to hold hearings at various times throughout the year.  It is anticipated between one (1) and ten (10) times per year for approximately one (1) to three (3) days.

Adjudicators will be expected to spend additional time reviewing materials and preparing for appeal hearings, including writing the written decision/order.


Adjudicators may be appointed for a term of three (3) years and may be reappointed for three (3) more years. Adjudicators shall continue to serve until replaced or reappointed.

Vacancy Profile

Expressions of interest are being sought from individuals who possess the background, experience and skill-set identified. Consideration will also be given to a variety of demographic factors to ensure the board is representative of the population they serve.

For information regarding rates of remuneration, please click here: Guidelines for Remuneration

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