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6.03A Application for admission as a student affidavit
6.03B Application for enrolment as a student
6.03C Sponsors questionnaire
6.05A Articles of clerkship
6.05B Assignment of articles
6.06A(1) Education plan
6.06A(8) Education plan progress report
6.06A(9) Certification of completion of education plan
6.06A(10)(a) Articles evaluation (Student)
6.06A(10)(b) Articles evaluation(Principal)
6.16A Application for certificate of fitness and affidavit
6.16B Application for call and affidavit
6.16C Solicitor’s certificate
6.16D Notice of application for certificate of fitness
6.17A Certificate of fitness
6.17B Certificate
7.03A Student Appearance Consent Form
7.06(3)B Application for call of affidavit
7.06(3)(C) Notice of application for certificate of fitness


Student Admission $300.00 + 45.00 HST = $345.00
Bar Admission Course $2250.00 + 337.50 HST = $2587.50
Transfer Student $2500.00 + 375 HST = $2875.00
Call to the Bar $625.00 + 93.75 HST = $718.75

Fees are subject to change and applicants should contact the Law Society to determine current fees