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Expressions of Interest: Assessment Review Court Commissioner – City of St. John’s

The City of St. John’s invites Expressions of Interest from persons wishing to become a Commissioner of the Assessment Review Court.  The City believes in equal opportunity and is committed to reflecting the community’s diversity on our boards and committees.

The Assessment Review Court hears appeals from parties objecting to their real property assessment.  Part II (sections 29 through 40) of the Assessment Act, 2006 ( sets out the legislative provisions related to assessment appeals.  A Commissioner is bound by the Assessment Act, 2006, and applicable case law.

The City appoints the Commissioner by January 31st and a person appointed holds office until they resign or are dismissed.  The time required for holding appeal hearings will vary from year to year depending on the number and nature of appeals received.  Appeals may be related to residential or commercial properties.

Applicants should have experience in at least one area of the following:

  • Assessment
  • Appraisal
  • Law

In addition, the applicant should have experience and/ understanding of the following:

  • Interpretation of legislation or policy
  • Principles of assessment
  • Principles of market valuation
  • Real estate terminology

Previous experience on a board or tribunal and in providing written decisions would be an asset.


Interested persons should submit Expressions of Interest no later than Friday, January 12, 2024  to the Office of the City Clerk. stating their qualifications and expected fee for services only, which should be stated in terms of an hourly, ½ daily and/or daily rate, and must indicate whether or not the rate includes or excludes HST.

Office of the City Clerk
City of St. John’s
P. O. Box 908
St. John’s, NL
A1C 5M2

Clerical and administrative support services will be provided by the City.


Posted: December 12, 2023