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How do I verify an individual’s identity using the credit file method?

You may verify an individual’s identity by relying on information in a Canadian credit file if it has been in existence for at least three years. You must confirm that the name, address and date of birth in the credit file match that provided by the individual. Using the credit file method is not the same as getting a credit assessment or credit report. To use the credit file method, you must obtain the information directly from a Canadian credit bureau (currently Equifax Canada or TransUnion Canada) or a third-party vendor authorized by a Canadian credit bureau. You cannot rely on credit file information provided by the individual.

The individual does not need to be physically present for you to verify their identity using their credit file. However, to rely on the credit file method, you must conduct the search at the time you are verifying the individual’s identity. An individual cannot provide you with a copy of their credit file, nor may a previously obtained credit file be used.