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The rule requires me to obtain and record my client’s occupation. What do I do if the individual doesn’t have an occupation or doesn’t want to tell me what it is?

The rule requires you to find out what your client does. If your client doesn’t want to answer the question you should explain that all members of the legal profession are required to ask all clients for this information and that you need it to properly represent him or her. If the client still refuses to provide the information, you must advise the client that you will be in breach of the rule unless you get it and your professional obligations do not permit you to act in such circumstances. Of course, if your client is unemployed or not actively engaged in an occupation, you may simply record this and continue to act for the client.

Note that “occupation” does not need to be “employment”. If your client is retired, a homemaker, a volunteer caregiver or otherwise occupied, you should record that information.