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What are the rules and costs for photocopying, printing and scanning?

a) Can I print or scan at the Law Library?

Yes, members of the public can photocopy/print/scan materials at the Law Library. Please note that due to legislation (Canadian Copyright Act), a person may not photocopy or scan more than 10% of a book or journal. As an example, 10% would be one or two chapters of a book or one journal article from a journal publication.

Members of the public are permitted to photocopy or scan for personal research, review, private study, criticism, or for court/tribunal/government proceedings. Use for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. If you are uncertain if what you need to copy is within that limit or within the limits of the Copyright Act, please consult the Law Library staff and they can advise you. Individuals found to be engaged in excessive copying will be asked to leave the library.


b) Do I need to pay for photocopying/printing?

Yes, all photocopies are $0.50 per page and are cash only, due upon printing. The Law Library does not accept debit or credit card payments.

If you require aid in using the photocopier please ask for assistance from the library staff.


c) If I scan something, do I still have to pay?

If you scan something without copying it first then it is free. If you need to make printouts in order to scan them then you are required to pay the cost per page of printing/photocopying. Please remember that even when you scan rather than copy, you must adhere to the 10% copying rule.