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Practice Standards


Discount Coupons

Disclosure of Conflict

Credit Card Transactions

Delivery of Bill

Deposit of Credit Card Payments

Disclosure of Member Fees

Loan Guarantees

Printing Client Trust Listing

Registration Fees

Signature Stamps-Electronic Signatures on Trust Cheques

Electronic Funds Transfer

2 Cheque Practice Standard – Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Trust Accounts, Cash Transactions, and Client Identification

Revised Rules – Cash Transactions

Revised Rules – Trust Accounting Rules

Revised Rules – Client Identification and Verification

Form – Client Identification and Verification for Individuals

Form – Client Identification and Verification for Organizations

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Guidance for Lawyers

Webinar – Amendments to Parts XV, XVI, and V of the law Society Rules

Risk Advisories for the Legal Profession

Avis à la profession juridique concernant les risques

Risk Assessement Case Studies for the Legal Profession

Études de cas sur l’evaluation des risques pour la professon juridique

Complaints Authorization Committee Practice Standards

Advising Clients

Branch Offices

Conflicts of Interest – Estate Files

Conflicts of Interest

Duty of Members Under Investigation

Enquiries Regarding Final Reports on Title

Firm Names

Members Convicted of Criminal Offences

Powers of Complaint Authorization Committee

Property Transactions – Outstanding Documentation

Public Appearances and Public Statements



Notices and Advisories

Practice Advisory – Concerning File Closure, Retention and Destruction

Practice Advisory – Disclosure of Rewards

Practice Advisory – Withdrawals and Transfers from Trust Accounts

Judgments and Bankruptcy – Notice of Audits

Notice to the Profession – Title Insurance Fees

Transaction Levy Accounting

Practice Advisory – Withdrawals and Transfers from Trust Accounts


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