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Discipline Decision – 2023

2023 CanLII 48593 (NL LS) | Cole (Re) | CanLII


An Adjudication Tribunal of the Disciplinary Panel of the Law Society has determined that Ronald A. Cole, KC is guilty of conduct deserving of sanction pursuant to section 50(3) of the Law Society Act, 1999.

The Complaint alleged that Ronald Cole, KC failed to take reasonable steps to maintain a normal lawyer and client relationship in circumstances where his client’s ability to make decisions was impaired.

The matter proceeded by way of an Agreed Statement of Facts.

Ronald Cole, KC practices as a sole practitioner as Cole Law Office, St. John’s, NL. The allegation of conduct deserving of sanction occurred at St. John’s during 2016.

The Adjudication Tribunal ordered:

  1. Pursuant to subsection 50(3)(a) of the Law Society Act, 1999, Ronald A. Cole is reprimanded;
  2. Ronald A. Cole, KC shall pursuant to s. 50(3)(n)(v), complete two (2) hours of continuing professional development relating to capacity assessments;
  3. Ronald A. Cole, KC shall pursuant to s. 50(3)(I) pay costs in the amount of $2,000.00 plus disbursements.
  4. That the decision of this Adjudication Tribunal shall be published in accordance with the Law Society Act, 1999, S.N.L. 1999, c.L-9.1, subsection 51(3)(f) and in accordance with the Publication Policy of the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador.