Join an experienced, multi-disciplinary faculty as they examine current issues in the Mental Health Court from both a legal and treatment perspective.

This program is essential for those appearing as counsel or as a mental health worker in the Mental Health Court.

In one intensive day, you’ll hear from all parties involved in the mental health court process and gain a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between justice and treatment and how this specialty court can provide positive results for all.

What you’ll learn

Legal practitioners and treatment providers with significant mental health court experience will discuss:

  • Fundamentals of criminal justice and mental health treatment collaboration in mental health courts
  • Legal and treatment issues impacting mental health fitness hearings and assessment hearings
  • Ethical issues arising from multidisciplinary collaborations
  • How criminal justice and treatment practitioners can optimize their effectiveness in mental health court
  • Strategies for working in a multi-disciplinary team (relationship between criminal justice practitioners, law enforcement, social work practitioners and mental health treatment providers)
  • Best practices in tackling operational issues and in accessing community resources

Don’t miss this opportunity to network and learn from acknowledged experts. This program is specifically designed for both lawyers and treatment providers/mental health workers (with or without experience in the mental health courts).

Who Should Attend

  • Crown lawyers
  • Defence counsel
  • Duty counsel
  • Treatment providers and Mental Health Court workers
  • Health care and social services professionals
  • Judges
  • Other Professionals involved in the Mental Health Court process