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Technology and Legal Practice

August 8



Artificial intelligence platforms, such as ChatGPT, are creating unprecedented opportunities and challenges for the profession. Whether navigating implications in the areas of IP, employment law, and information security, or grappling with the business model implications and potential regulations around the use of AI, everyone in the legal profession needs to pay attention. Fellow practitioners, technology experts, legal app developers, professors, and judges address how AI is impacting the delivery of legal services, the emerging practice issues, the substantive law and evidence, and the justice system, and how you might prepare.
  • What are some practical applications of AI in legal practice?
  • How can you address the ethical challenges that arise using AI?
  • How do you guard against misuse of AI in the evidentiary context?
  • How is, and how should the use of AI in legal practice be regulated?


This live webcast replay contains an online chat feature that allows you to view the previously broadcast program and interact, share ideas, and exchange comments with fellow registrants online.