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Webinar – Sleep and Your Wellness: More Info on the Business of Sleep (CPD 374) – by the Law Society of Saskatchewan

January 17 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Your time and well-being are important — especially in a profession that demands attention to detail on every file and managing (sometimes) stressful client situations. You need to be alert and well-rested to perform at your best. After 2022’s popular introduction, Break the Cycle: Stress and Poor Sleep, our sleep experts, Marlee Boyle and Leah Corkum, return with more great info for you to develop and maintain healthy sleep habits. They aim to improve your sleep, which can boost your focus and capacity to handle the rigours of the law. Check out this practical program to see if you can get a better night’s sleep. You’ll notice the change it can make in the personal and professional you.

  • -Discover tips, tools, and techniques to sleep well in the midst of stressful situations
  • -Understand what constitutes insomnia and how to battle it
  • -Learn how to ameliorate the effects of jet lag and time zone changes