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I want to apply as an articling student with the Law Society – what are the requirements?

In order to be accepted as an articling student you must have a law degree from an accredited legal institution (as recognized by the Education Committee), be over the age of 19, an approved articling principal, and an education plan.  You will need to provide the required application forms and all required documentation, information, and applicable fees to the Education Committee.  Once approved by the Education Committee as a student-at-law, then you can begin receiving credit for your articles.

For more information, please see the questions and see Lawyers & Students > Admission to the Profession on our website.

How long is the required articling period?

A student must complete 12 months of articling (which includes the 7-week Bar Admission Course).  Articling time is counted month to month (ex. June 1 – July 1 = 1 month of articling)

How do I start earning credit for articling?

Articling time can only start being counted after the student has been approved by the Education Committee as a student-at-law.

When can a student receive credit for articling?

Credit toward service of articles can be given for a maximum of 3 months following the second year of law school.  A continuous period of at least 9 months service of articles must occur after graduating from law school.

Please note:

Credit toward articles cannot be given retroactively for any service done before the Education Committee approves an application.

Do I have to submit any reports or documents during my articling period?

Once approved as a student-at-law, you must complete and provide to the Education Committee an education plan at various times throughout the 12 months of articling.  This is done by completing the forms listed below.

What do I do if I change my principal during my articles?

Students who change principals throughout their 12 months of articling must complete the following form and submit to the Law Society:

Do I need to notify the Law Society if I need to make changes to my articling?

A student-at-law must notify the Law Society in writing whenever they commence, finish or recommence articling.

Can I be absent from articles?

All absences must be approved by your articling principal.  Any absence greater than one week must approved by the Education Committee.

Articling is governed by rule 6 of the Rules of the Law Society.  See rule 6.06 for guidance on absences.