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I am a student – can I access the Law Library?

Yes, students can have access to the Law Library, according to the following guidelines:

First year students – are not eligible for Law Society membership and therefore cannot have an access card to the Law Library. First years may access the library during regular business hours only. First years may have borrowing privileges for the Law Library by providing the Law Library with a copy of the Secondary Clientele Application Form signed by their principal. This authorization is good for the duration of their time with that firm (usually for the summer period).

Second year, third year, & articling students – are members of the Law Society and can have an access card to the Law Library, which provides regular business and after-hours access. They have automatic borrowing privileges with the Law Library for the duration of their work term. If you change firms or principals during this time, please contact the Law Library so we can update your records.

Student library accounts will remain each year you are a student with the Law Society and then can be rolled into your regular account once you are called to the Bar (NL only).