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I need to conduct research – can the library staff help me?

The Law Library can only provide help with legal information, such as where to find a book or what materials might be of help to start with. We cannot interpret the law as this constitutes legal advice. Please see below:

  • Legal Information: Legal information explains the law and the justice system. The information is not tailored to a specific situation or case. Law Library staff provide access to legal information through the books, journals and legal resources in the Law Library and online, and assistance with developing a legal research project. They do not interpret the law, including explaining the meaning of certain sections of legislation or a case.
  • Legal Advice: Legal advice applies the law to a specific situation. This includes interpreting the meaning of case law, statutes/regulations, and applying legal principles. Legal advice is provided by a person trained in the law – only lawyers are allowed to provide legal advice.

Researchers are responsible for interpreting the information they locate in the Law Library.