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Answering Letters and Enquiries

Chapter 7.2 of the Code of Professional Conduct sets out the standards for lawyers when it comes to dealing with others. Of note are:

  • Section 7.2-1: “A lawyer must be courteous and civil and act in good faith with all persons with whom the lawyer has dealings in the course of his or her practice.”
  • Section 7.2-4: “A lawyer must not, in the course of a professional practice, send correspondence or otherwise communicate to a client, another lawyer or any other person in a manner that is abusive, offensive, or otherwise inconsistent with the proper tone of a professional communication from a lawyer.”
  • Section 7.2-5: “A lawyer must answer with reasonable promptness all professional letters and communications from other lawyers that require an answer, and a lawyer must be punctual in fulfilling all commitments.”

These duties include providing a response where the lawyer is unable to fulfil or is delayed in fulfilling a request. In a real estate transaction, for example, if a lawyer is delayed in providing a final report on title, he or she must communicate with the solicitor and/or lending institution and advise them accordingly.


Responsibility to Lawyers and Others: section 7.2 (Code of Professional Conduct)

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(Posted: June 12, 2020)