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Discipline Decision – 2023

2023 CanLII 30421 (NL LS) | Matthews (Re) | CanLII


Robert Matthews, KC entered guilty pleas respecting allegations of conduct deserving of sanction which occurred at Corner Brook during the period 2011 through 2020.

Robert Matthews, KC practices as a sole practitioner as Robert Matthews Law Office, Corner Brook, NL.

An Adjudication Tribunal of the Disciplinary Panel of the Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador ordered:

i.     Robert M. Matthews shall be reprimanded;
ii.    Robert M. Matthews shall pay to the Law Society a fine in the amount of $500.00;
iii.   Robert M. Matthews shall provide to client J.S. a written apology, a copy of which shall be forwarded to the Law Society; and
iv.    Robert M. Matthews shall pay $1,000.00 in costs incurred by the Law Society arising from the within Complaint, plus disbursements