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Discipline Decision – 1994


A complaint was made to the Law Society in which it was alleged that Dodd had driven a motor vehicle on at least three occasions while he was prohibited from doing so, and that he was convicted of driving while disqualified and fined $300.00. At the hearing into the matter, the Panel received an Agreed Statement of Facts which admitted that Dodd had been convicted of unlawfully operating a motor vehicle while disqualified and had been fined $300.00. The Panel believed that Dodd was guilty of conduct unbecoming a solicitor. The Panel noted that at the hearing Dodd appeared genuinely embarrassed by his behaviour, and made no attempt to excuse his actions. Benchers found the lawyer guilty of conduct unbecoming a member, fined him $250.00, ordered that he pay the Society’s costs of the hearing, and ordered that the disposition be published in the Law Society newsletter.