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Discipline Decision – 1998


By a decision of Benchers dated June 8, 1998 John B. Glube was found guilty of professional misconduct pursuant to section 52 of the Law Society Act. Benchers reprimanded Mr. Glube pursuant to subsection 52(3)(a)(i) of the Act and ordered him to pay to his client the sum of $2,000.00 by way of restitution pursuant to subsection 52(3)(a)(v) of the Act.

The violation arose from Mr. Glube’s failure to act with impartiality and to avoid conflict of interest contrary to the rule contained in Chapter V of the Canadian Bar Association Code of Professional Conduct.

Discipline Decision – 2000


By a decision of Benchers dated July 14, 2000 Benchers found Mr. Glube guilty of professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a member, and failure to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct and the Law Society Rules as alleged in the complaint of the Secretary dated June 4, 1999.

The complaint alleged that Mr. Glube’s conduct constituted a breach of the Canadian Bar Association Code of Professional Conduct, Chapters I, V, VI, VII and XVII; and a violation of the Law Society Rules, and in particular, rules 5.01(1), 5.03(6), 5.05, 5.06(2), 5.07(4), 9.04 and 9.05.

Mr. Glube entered a guilty plea to the allegations. Benchers disbarred Mr. Glube and ordered that he be required to repay any amount the Law Society might be required to pay from its Defalcation Fund related to, or arising out of Mr. Glube’s misappropriation of trust funds. Benchers also ordered that Mr. Glube pay the costs incurred by the Law Society in the investigation and hearing of the complaint.