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Discipline Decision – 1986


A complaint was made to the Law Society that the law firm was guilty of conduct unbecoming a solicitor and that the conduct could be regarded as either attracting business unfairly, touting, directly or indirectly seeking instructions for professional business, or advertising. It was alleged that the law firm had caused to be distributed brochures and letters which said that particular judges were former partners with the law firm. Benchers found the partners guilty of a breach of the rules and regulations of the Law Society relating to advertising, and a breach of the traditions of the Law Society of Newfoundland. The penalty consisted of:

  1. ) a letter of reprimand,
  2. ) a $500.00 fine on each partner,
  3. ) payment of the legal costs of the Law Society,
  4. ) publishing of the names of the partners in the Law Society newsletter as having pleaded guilty to the offences, and
  5. ) a letter of apology to be sent to Benchers signed by the law firm.