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Discipline Decision – 2001


John C. Sweetland was found guilty of conduct deserving of sanction for:

  1. ) failing to comply with rule 5.03(4) of the Law Society Rules requiring that money received from a client for services rendered or to be rendered, or for disbursements made or to be made, to be forthwith deposited into a trust account; and
  2. ) failing to comply with rule 5.03(5) of the Law Society Rules requiring a Bill of Fees to be rendered to the client forthwith upon receipt of money not paid into a trust account by specific written agreement pursuant to the Rule, or a receipt to be issued containing sufficient particulars to identify the services rendered.

The Adjudication Panel ordered that the member be reprimanded, the discipline proceedings be published and that the member pay the costs of the Law Society in the investigation and hearing of the complaint.

The member entered a guilty plea and the matter proceeded by way of an Agreed Statement of Facts.