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To address the significant gap in available published Newfoundland cases from 1949-1970, the Law Library has thoroughly examined its holdings to provide information on locating Newfoundland case law from that period.

On this page, you will find indexes to various sources for Newfoundland cases in our collection, including the Library Holdings, which consist of digitized copies of NL cases, many of which are unpublished. Citations to databases like Westlaw or Quicklaw are accessible to Law Society members only. However, citations to open-access case databases such as CanLII or BAILII can be accessed online.

Please note that we have recorded all available information. In most cases, subjects or headnotes are not available in the source material. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to determine if (a) the case is still relevant law and (b) it applies to their specific research.

LSNL members may request a copy of a case by emailing or by using the appropriate database to locate the decision.

Members of the public may consult these resources on-site or request a scanned copy of a case listed in these indexes.

Scanning services are available for those unable to visit the Law Library in person, with the following limitations to respect the copyright of publishers, in accordance with the Fair Dealing Guidelines of the Canadian Copyright Act.

  • Only single copies of library materials from primary open-access (non-commercial) print or online legal resources, required for research, review, private study, criticism, or for court/tribunal/government proceedings, may be provided to the public. The specific purpose of the scan must be communicated to library staff in advance to ensure compliance with these requirements.

To request a scan, email, specifying the purpose of the request. Please note that only one copy will be provided via email. Scans cannot be sold or reproduced in any way, and there is no charge for requesting a scan of a case.

This searchable index provides information, but it does not include hyperlinks to the resources mentioned within.

Dominion Law Reports Newfoundland Cases 1949-1970 Index

Library Holdings 1931-1979 Index

Library Holdings 1980-1989 Index

Library Holdings 1990-1999 Index

Library Holdings 2000-2009 Index

Library Holdings 2010-2019 Index

Maritime Law Report 1948-1968 Index

Newfoundland Reports (SS Daisy Committee) 1817-1948 Index

Newfoundland Privy Council Cases 1877-1939 Index