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2024 Membership Fees

Please note that, effective 1 January 2024, and in order to address the impact of inflation and other increases to operational costs, Benchers have approved changes to Membership Fees, Professional Law Corporation Fees, Transfer Fees, Certificates of Standing and Assurance Fund Fees. All other fees, including the base Insurance Premium and the Transaction Levies will remain the same. The following fees are increasing as noted:

Membership Fees   2023 2024
Non-Practicing $350 $400
Practising $1,750 $2,000
Assurance  Fund $50 $100
Professional Law Corporation Fees  2023 2024
PLC-New $400 $500
PLC-Renewal $200 $250
Transfer Fee    2023 2024
$2,500 $2,750
Certificate of Standing 2023 2024
$100 $125

The Law Society has been able to maintain stability in fees over the last 12 years through careful management of surplus funds and, in fact, has been able to decrease fees. As surplus funds are used and costs increase, our ability to continue doing so has diminished. Even with these fee increases, the combined fees for a practising insured member are still significantly below those paid in 1999. As this chart illustrates, in 1999 the average combined fee per practising insured member was $5,047. For 2024 the combined fee per Practicing Insured member will be $3,275.00.

Invoices for Membership Fees will be sent via email the week of 1 January 2024 and, unless payment is via instalment, fees are due 31 January 2024.

Invoices for the renewal of Professional Law Corporations, along with Form 11.03B, Certified Statement of Disclosure, will be sent the week of 1 January 2024. Form 11.03B and the annual renewal fees are due 15 January 2024.



Posted: January 2, 2024