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9th National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice with Local Presenters Alyssa Brennan and Sarah McDonald Moores

Conference Details:

Re-Envisioning Our Legacies: A Defining Moment
Washington, D.C.

The 9th National Conference takes us to the nation’s capital, a city that wields considerable influence on national and international affairs, and a place with deeply rooted community activism and movement making. More broadly, the entire DMV region (Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) serves as an example of the transformative power of deliberate, local initiatives. This tapestry of history, cultural diversity, and innovation makes the DMV an ideal place to explore the past, present, and future of community and restorative justice.

In 2024, we stand at a critical juncture facing pivotal decisions on a national scale. These decisions encompass defining the values our country wishes to champion during a federal election year, clarifying our individual and collective roles in addressing global issues like oppression, conflict, and war, and determining how we want community and restorative justice to show up in our own communities.

Our conference theme, “Re-Envisioning Our Legacies: A Defining Moment,” draws inspiration from the global Indigenous wisdom of “Seven Generations.” This principle urges us to consider the far-reaching impact of our actions seven generations into the future while honoring the efforts of ancestors seven generations before us. The theme invites each of us to reflect on our personal and collective legacies: which legacies from our ancestors influence our work, which harmful legacies are we dedicated to overturning, and which legacies do we aspire to pass on to the next seven generations? This exploration teaches us valuable lessons, fosters connections between past and future, and empowers us to share the legacies that will be carried forward by future generations.

Join us in this defining moment as we envision, explore, and take action to ensure community and restorative justice principles not only survive but thrive within our own lives, families, and communities, and as we reimagine the systems and structures that underpin our society. By joining together, we will create impactful connections, enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and provide experiences that inspire tangible change. Together, we have the capacity to establish a legacy that is inherently restorative, leaving a profound and enduring mark on our world.

Posted: April 11, 2024