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Adult Protection Act Five-Year Review

The Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development (the “Department”) is seeking input from the Law Society on the review of the Adult Protection Act (the “Act”). The Act provides for the protection of adult residents of the province who are at risk of abuse and neglect and who do not understand or appreciate that risk.

The Department is specifically evaluating the functioning and implementation of the Act and is seeking input relating to areas in which the legislation may be improved. Some questions to consider in this process include:

  1. Central to adult protection is the consideration of an individual’s capacity, that is, an individual’s ability to understand information and appreciate risks. What are your thoughts on the concept of capacity and how it is used in Newfoundland and Labrador?
  2. Have there been any unforeseen harms/disadvantages of the Act?
  3. Is there anything in the Act you would like to see strengthened, changed and/or added?
  4. Is there anything else about the Act you would like us to know?

If any interested persons would like to arrange a meeting to provide input, please email Steve Ross (Policy and Program Development Specialist) at or call 709-729-6589. The Department is also open to written responses.

Members may also complete the feedback form online at Feedback will be accepted until March 27, 2020.