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Bite Size CPD Series: Cyber Security – the Law Society of Saskatchewan

For nearly three years, the Law Society of Saskatchewan has developed the Bite Size CPD Series. These informative under-10-minute video episodes cover a variety of topics and are available for all to view on the Law Society website. A new episode is released each Thursday.

If you use the internet in any capacity, you and your law firm are targets for a cyber-attack. CLIA administers a Mandatory Cyber insurance program and an enhanced Stand-alone Cyber insurance product for lawyers in our Subscribing jurisdictions if they face a cyber attack. But prevention is the best policy. The Law Society of Saskatchewan Bite Size CPD episodes can help no matter what jurisdiction you practise. Recently, the series focused on Cyber Security with the following episodes:

Nearly twenty episodes in total have previously been dedicated to this topic. For your convenience, we’ve arranged them by the following topics: Ransomware, Password Protection, Two-Factor Authentication, and Data Protection/Privacy.


  • Ransomware (Episode 5)

    Ransomware continues to be one of the biggest security threats for every business, including law offices. In this episode of the Law Society’s Bite Size CPD series, Craig Zawada, Q.C., explores how ransomware is evolving, and measures which can reduce the risk.

  • Recovering from Ransomware (Episode 29)

    You never want it to happen, but despite best efforts, anyone can still be hit by a ransomware attack. The options aren’t great, but in this episode we review some things you can do to maximize your recovery chances.

  • 4 Things to do BEFORE Ransomware Strikes (Episode 68)

    Modern ransomware makes it hard to apply fixes after an attack. So improve your odds by doing a few simple things before there is a breach.

Password Protection:

  • Password Haystacks (Episode 33)

    The best passwords are long and random, but they are hard to remember. Password managers are a solution, but in this episode of Bite Size CPD, Craig Zawada, Q.C. considers a way to help you remember hard to crack passwords.

  • Stupid Password Practices (Episode 35)

    Even smart people sometimes do, well, less than smart things. Bad password usage is an example. This episode of Bite Size CPD highlights some password practices you really shouldn’t be doing.

  • How to use a Password Manager (Episode 56)

    Password managers are the easiest way of ensuring strong passwords are used while maintaining convenience. In this episode of Bite Size CPD, we look at how a typical password manager works and how to get started.

  • Lessons From the LastPass Breach (Episode 84)

    One of the most popular password managers, LastPass, suffered a serious breach in 2022. Even if you were not using this program, the breach provides some valuable lessons to apply to your own cybersecurity.

Two-Factor Authentication:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (Episode 9)

    Even if you use good passwords, there is a way of locking down your accounts even more. In this edition of Bite Size CPD, Craig Zawada, Q.C., discusses what 2FA is, and why it is so effective.

  • Are You Using the most Secure 2FA? (Episode 81)

    Multi-factor/two factor authentication is one of the best ways of locking down your accounts against attackers. But some forms are weaker than others, and this episode of Bite Size CPD discusses how to maximize your protection.

Data Protection/Privacy:

  • Using the Cloud (Episode 11)

    It’s fortunate that the Cloud isn’t off-limits for legal practice, since it provides many advantages. But lawyers must recognize the risks, and take steps to protect information stored there. Craig Zawada, Q.C., talks about some things to look out for in this week’s Bite Size CPD.

  • Should Lawyers Fear Cookies? (Episode 27)

    The tools of Big Data can compile and analyze surprisingly intimate details about us and our work. These often depend on simple tools like cookies and supercookies. In the first of a two part series, Craig Zawada, Q.C. discusses these tools and whether lawyers should be concerned.

  • Controlling Your Cookie Consumption (Episode 28)

    In the last episode, we reviewed how cookies work while browsing, and how they impact confidentiality. This time around we look at ways to maximize your privacy while accessing the web.

  • Safely Discarding Electronic Hardware (Episode 73)

    Just about every electronic device stores information – including client data you are supposed to be protecting. This episode of Bite Size CPD highlights how to recognize and destroy unneeded info.

  • How Private Are Your Communications? (Episode 80)

    A surprising number of people and computers both inside and outside your control can see internet messages. Make sure you are letting clients and employees know of the risks.

  • Locked Down Devices (Episode 111)

    In a previous episode we reviewed good security practices for mobile devices, but some lawyers have extra requirements imposed by their organizations. We look at some of those complications and how they can be managed.

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Posted: May 1, 2024