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Board of Directors Volunteer Opportunity – BCC

Bladder Cancer Canada – Volunteer Opportunity
National Board of Directors

Our Story
The story of Bladder Cancer Canada (BCC) began with two bladder cancer patients – David Guttman and Jack Moon. When dealing with their diagnosis, they experienced a lack of support; they needed to talk about their fears and uncertainty and wanted up-to-date information about diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis. So, in 2009, they formed Bladder Cancer Canada to fill the void.  Although they were ordinary bladder cancer patients, what they accomplished is extraordinary. Today, BCC is a national, registered charitable non-profit corporation that has helped untold numbers of bladder cancer patients and their caregivers to cope with this disease. Our founders’ vision was to improve patient support – and it remains the cornerstone of BCC’s mission.

Role of BCC’s Board
The Board of Directors is comprised of a volunteer group of bladder cancer patients, caregivers and skilled professionals from across Canada. The Board is responsible for governing the activities of the organization, overseeing the budget, strategic planning and goal setting. This dynamic team collaborates to fulfill the mission and vision of Bladder Cancer Canada.

More information about our Board of Directors

Closing Date for Applications: April 29, 2022