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CCDC Document Webinars – May 12, 2022

CCDC has launched CCDC Document Webinars, an exciting new initiative aimed at providing information and guidance about the content and use of their standard construction documents.

The CCDC webinar on May 12 will be on CCDC 29 – 2016: A Guide to Pre-Qualification. Pre-Qualification is a valuable part of the procurement process in construction. Understanding the purpose and application of the Pre-Qualification process is crucial for all parties involved, whether procuring or providing services or products. During this webinar, the CCDC will explain the underlying principles of Pre-Qualification and provide recommended best practices to assist Procurement Authorities, Consultants, Contractors, Design-Builders, Construction Managers, Subcontractors and Suppliers, among others, in carrying out and participating in the Pre-Qualification process.

A successful project begins with choosing appropriately qualified providers – join us to demystify the Pre-Qualification process and gain confidence meeting schedule, cost, and quality expectations on your next project!


English CCDC 29 Webinar: Thursday, May 12
French CCDC 29 Webinar: Thursday, May 19

Price: $95 + taxes
Length: 90 minutes

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