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CLIA Legal Insights Notice: Malpractice Avoidance

The Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (CLIA) is reintroducing certain articles from their Loss Prevention Bulletin series. In their latest post on the “Not So Risky Business Blog,” they shed light on essential insights from the spring 2012 American Bar Association National Legal Malpractice Conference.

Presenters Ronald C. Minkoff, Laura Frankel, Richard A. Simpson, and Robert H. Moses discussed professional liability claims arising from family law practice. They identified common reasons for lawsuits against family lawyers, applicable across various legal areas:

  1. Management of client emotions
  2. Ensuring adequate pre-trial processes
  3. Addressing perceptions of inadequate settlements
  4. Proper retention of experts
  5. Handling fee disputes effectively
  6. Clarifying fee-shifting issues
  7. Managing service withdrawals
  8. Ensuring proper drafting of key agreements
  9. Addressing multi-jurisdictional issues
  10. Enhancing communication practices

These insights offer timeless guidance for lawyers aiming to mitigate malpractice risks. Read the full article here.


Posted: April 10, 2024