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College of the North Atlantic’s Information Management Post Diploma Program

Did you know that professionals spend up to 50% of their time searching for information?

Today’s workplace relies on the accurate, efficient, and secure management of information to meet operational demands, demonstrate legal compliance, and maintain competitive advantage. Information Management (IM) is the processes and technology that controls the storage, structure, processing, access, and usage of the information required for organizational and business intelligence.

The College of the North Atlantic’s IM Post Diploma Program is an interdisciplinary program that combines records and information management with courses in business, project management, information technology, communications, and law. In a short time, students build the skills needed to work as IM and privacy analysts.

Quick Facts About the Program:

  • No previous experience in IM is required.
  • Entry into the program requires the completion of a 2-year diploma or degree in any discipline.
  • Our students come from diverse backgrounds and the program is tailored to take advantage of your existing skills and work experience.
  • Courses are completely online so you work around your schedule and be located anywhere even internationally.
  • Full-time completion is only one year and there is an option to complete the program part-time within 5 years.
  • The program includes a 7-week work placement. Your instructor works with you to find a placement in the field that you want to work in. The requirement to complete the work placement may be exempt for those who have IM experience or can incorporate IM in an existing role.
  • There are potential course exemptions and Prior Learning Assessments available for those who have completed prior equivalent coursework or who have work experience.
  • Student aid is available.
  • Courses in the program are eligible for tax credits that can be claimed by students on their annual return.

Space is very limited, and applications are processes on a first-come basis.

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What graduates say about the IM Post Diploma….

  • The IM Post Diploma is a vital program for anyone interested in Information management or business administration. IM is evolving to a fundamental discipline within public and private organizations. The education I received reinforced, validated my experience, and taught me some areas in which my experience was needing. The program made me into a better Records Manager and provided more tools in my belt for the execution of my IM program.
  • When I found this course, it fit perfectly in my busy schedule and allowed me to work at my own pace. I was able to find work immediately when I was in the program and able to quickly work my way up the employment ladder.