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Commencement of the CFLR Legal Research Webinar Series

The Inaugural CFLR Legal Research Webinar
The Canadian Foundation for Legal Research (“CFLR”) is pleased to present its inaugural research webinar. Professor Martha Bailey of the Faculty of Law, Queen’s University will present her family law research topic, Jurisdiction to Make Parenting Orders, in an online format at noon EST on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Professor Bailey will examine the case law surrounding the increasing preference for having courts in the subject children’s habitual place of residence take jurisdiction to make such orders and will comment on the benefits and problems resulting from that approach.

To register for Professor Bailey’s webinar, simply click on this link and complete the registration form.

The CFLR is a non-profit, trustee-led organization that awards grant funds annually to legal scholars in Canada. It supports research that is of value to Canadian lawyers, notaries, and judges in their day-to-day work in the law and in the administration of justice. Applications seeking grant support for projects that emphasize access to justice, and Indigenous and family law issues are especially encouraged.

The Webinar Series Initiative
Commencing in December 2022, the CFLR will begin presenting a series of one-hour webinars featuring legal researchers whose projects have recently received Foundation funding. The purpose of the series is to amplify the beneficial impact of CFLR research dollars on Canadian society by extending the reach of the findings of researchers whose work receives Foundation support to lawyers, members of the judiciary and members of law faculties across Canada.

The first few CFLR webinars will be offered in English; webinars in the French language will be introduced very soon thereafter. Initially, the webinars will be offered at no cost to registrants, three times annually. All webinars will be recorded and made accessible online so that those who are unable to attend in real time can view the recordings at future dates.

Check the “Legal Research Webinar Series” drop-down menu on the CFLR home page for periodic updates, including the dates and presenter details for future webinar offerings.
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