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Court Call Pilot Project in Grand Bank and Happy Valley-Goose Bay Supreme Court – Updated

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador wishes to advise members of the Bar and public that the pilot project on CourtCall telephonic courtroom appearances is continuing in the Judicial Centres of Grand Bank and Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Voluntary telephonic appearances through CourtCall may be made in certain matters before the Judicial Centres of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador located in Grand Bank and Happy Valley-Goose Bay. This pilot procedure applies notwithstanding the rules on electronic conferencing contained in the Rules of the Supreme Court, 1986.

Matters that can be heard through the use of CourtCall include:

  1. Case management meetings;
  2. Pre-trial conferences;
  3. Status updates and similar appearances;
  4. With prior approval from the Court, short causes and motions, including interim/interlocutory applications; and
  5. Other matters as counsel and the Court may agree.

Counsel may make a CourtCall appearance as follows:

  1. NOT LESS THAN THREE (3) COURT DAYS BEFORE THE HEARING DATE, serve and file with CourtCall (not the Court) a request for CourtCall telephonic appearance (see
  2. Pay a fee of $55.00 to CourtCall, LLC.

A confirmation from CourtCall, LLC, will be emailed or faxed to your office upon the filing and payment outlined above.

A CourtCall appearance is made as part of a Court’s usual calendar. Unless notified to the contrary, all counsel who have filed on a timely basis their request and have paid the fee may appear by dialing the toll-free teleconference number provided by CourtCall, LLC (provided that they have also obtained prior approval from the Court for matters included in items 4 and 5 above). A pre-hearing check-in will occur five minutes before the scheduled hearing time.

A CourtCall appearance is voluntary and may be made without consent of the other party. The Court, however, reserves the discretion to require personal appearance.

For more information, please contact CourtCall at 888-882-6878