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CPATA’s Inaugural Annual Report – 2021

CPATA’s Inaugural Annual Report for 2021
Available in English and French

2021 was a ground-breaking first year of operation for CPATA. Since the enactment of the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents Act by the Government of Canada in 2018, we have been busy building a transparent, comprehensive regulatory framework and infrastructure for the profession. With CPATA’s coming-into-force this past June, we advanced our important work protecting the public interest, strengthening agent competencies, building confidence in IP services, driving innovation and ultimately stimulating economic growth in Canada. We believe this report will be of key interest to your organization members and stakeholder audiences and invite you to share its contents with your constituencies.

As CPATA looks ahead to 2022, we will continue to bring a standard of excellence to the training and testing of Canada’s patent agents and trademark agents. Our work will help build confidence in intellectual property professionals and the services they provide. We will play our part in building a culture of innovation and catalyzing Canada’s economic strength. For monthly updates on CPATA’s activities, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.

We welcome feedback and thoughts on our annual report as CPATA’s board continues its work as part of Canada’s innovation strategy in the coming year.

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