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Custodianship of Michael Drover PLC Inc. – Outstanding Undertakings

The Law Practice of Michael Drover and Michael Drover PLC Inc. was placed into Custodianship on 24 November 2014. Since that time, the Custodian, Brenda Grimes, QC has identified or been advised of a number of solicitor’s undertakings that remain outstanding on the inactive member’s files.

To ensure completeness in identifying any undertakings, the Law Society requests that members review their files with the inactive member and provide the Custodian with the following:

Copies of closing letters from both sides, a concise statement outlining which undertakings remain outstanding, and any additional information necessary to identify the undertakings efficiently.

We would appreciate your response by no later than 31 July 2015.

Please direct your responses and any inquiries to Lisa Kennedy, Custodianship Assistant at