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Drug Treatment Court Feasibility Study

In June 2016, the Government of Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced a funding agreement of $30,000 under the Drug Treatment Court Funding Program. The funding will help to determine whether it is feasible to implement a Drug Treatment Court in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Drug Treatment Courts began in Canada as a response to a large number of offenders being incarcerated for drug-related offenses and continuing to re-offend due to underlying drug dependency. These specialized criminal justice courts, targeted at non-violent offenders, in law operate in the same manner as traditional criminal justice courts.

Such an innovative project will require ongoing input and partnerships between government and community agencies. The Department of Justice and Public Safety is very interested in suggestions and feedback from stakeholders regarding the completion of this feasibility study. Through the consultation process, the Department of Justice and Public Safety hopes to:

– Inform stakeholders about the research and project status regarding the feasibility study; and

– Obtain stakeholder feedback and input regarding the potential implementation of a drug treatment court.

Consultation will occur within the Department of Justice and Public Safety as well as with other Provincial Government departments and community organizations. You may provide feedback until February 14, 2017 via the Drug Treatment Court Feasibility Study website:

If you wish to discuss the feasibility study, you are welcome to contact Trish LeGresley at 709-729-0284 by February 10th .

The Department of Justice and Public Safety is committed to examining new approaches to addiction related crime. This is an innovative and important initiative which we cannot do without your input and support. We look forward to your comments as we move forward with the feasibility study and possible implementation of a Drug Treatment Court.