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Opportunity: EI Board of Appeal

Employment and Social Development Canada is looking for qualified Canadians to join the Employment Insurance Board of Appeal as board members, regional coordinators or executive head.

Three-member panels of government, worker and employer representatives will hear first-level Employment Insurance appeals from their region.

Deadlines to apply for these positions have recently been extended. Candidates are encouraged to apply online using the Governor in Council appointments website:
•    Executive Head (application review date July 31, 2024)
•    Regional Coordinator (applications close September 19, 2024)
•    Member (applications close September 19, 2024)

What is the role of the EI Board of Appeal?

The EI Board of Appeal acts as an independent administrative tribunal composed of three member panels rendering decisions on all matters appealed under subsection 113 of the Employment Insurance Act. The Board of Appeal’s mandate is to provide simple, quick, fair and client-centric quasi-judicial services to Employment Insurance claimants and employers.

The Board of Appeal’s tripartite panels are regionally based across the country and are composed of government, worker and employer representatives, mandated to provide a fair, impartial and client-centric hearing.

The EI Board of Appeal will be responsible for hearing and deciding first-level appeals regarding the eligibility of benefits under the EI program. These hearings are currently heard by the Social Security Tribunal, General Division.

What roles are available?

The Government of Canada is seeking to appoint up to 100 board members, up to six regional coordinators as well as an executive head to the EI Board of Appeal.

The selection process will use an open, transparent and merit-based approach to attract qualified candidates, who reflect Canada’s diversity in terms of linguistic, regional and employment equity groups.

More information about the EI BOA can also be found in our news release which can be found here.