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Employment Opportunity: President and CEO – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The Government of Canada has launched a selection process to fill the position of President and CEO of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). We want to ensure that you and your organization’s members are aware of this selection process and have the opportunity to participate. The Notice of Appointment Opportunity and associated news release were published on November 7, 2023.

CMHC is a federal Crown corporation that plays a critical role as a national convenor in the housing finance system, and through research, program development and delivery, and commercial operations, is a vital contributor to the sustainability and stability ​of Canada’s housing system. Its mandate is: “to promote housing affordability and choice, facilitate access to, and competition and efficiency in the provision of, housing finance, protect the availability of adequate funding for housing at low cost, and generally contribute to the well-being of the housing sector in the national economy”. Housing affordability has become an increasingly important issue to Canadians, and CMHC plays a key role in the federal government’s efforts to address this growing challenge.

CMHC works with all levels of government as well as the private and non-profit sectors to promote housing affordability, advance climate compatibility, and achieve better outcomes for communities that face inequities, while promoting the stability of Canada’s housing finance system. It does this by:

  • Providing commercial products including residential and multi-unit mortgage loan insurance and providing lenders reliable access to mortgage funding;
  • Remaining at the forefront of research, data and forecasting, filling knowledge gaps and developing policy ideas for decision makers; and
  • Actively participating in the development and delivery of housing programs, such as the National Housing Strategy, for people whose housing needs are not being met by the market.

CMHC has six offices across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. CMHC employs approximately 2,300 people and ranks as the largest federal Crown Corporation with total revenues of $6.1 billion, a net income of $1.6 billion in 2022, and approximately $297 billion in assets.

To fill the CMHC President and CEO position, we are looking for candidates with experience in the following key areas (among other qualifications, as set out in the Notice of Appointment Opportunity):

  • Housing:
    • Strong knowledge of housing and financial markets both domestically and internationally, and their role in macroeconomic policy; and
    • An ability to influence and lead in orienting housing markets, financial regulation, partnership and public resources towards achieving a right to housing for all Canadians;
  • Financial Services: Knowledge of the financial management of a large financial services organization and skilled in risk management;
  • CMHC: Knowledge of CMHC’s housing policy and legislative mandate and activities, and of land and asset management;
  • Change Management: Demonstrated success in leading an organization through transformative change, at exploring new ideas and developing and implementing a complex strategy;
  • Public Sector: Knowledge of the Government’s social, economic and fiscal policies and priorities, and its role in housing;
  • Stakeholder Relations: A strong history of building and maintaining productive and effective multipartite relationships with partner organizations, diverse stakeholders, and senior government officials.

The Government’s rigorous approach to Governor in Council appointments is built on an open, transparent and merit-based selection process that allows for the recommendation of high-quality candidates who reflect Canada’s diversity