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Expressions of Interest – Vice-Chairperson Positions for Labour Relations Board

The Labour Relations Board is seeking expressions of interest for two vice-chairperson positions.

The vice-chairperson has historically been a practicing lawyer, a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador, knowledgeable in labour and employment law and maintains a neutral practice (neither pro-union nor pro-employer).

The role of a vice-chairperson is to serve in the place of the chairperson when they are in a conflict or otherwise unable to chair a panel of the board or determine a Labour Standards matter, as per Section 9 of the Labour Relations Act.

The vice-chairperson shall, when directed by the chairperson, make determinations and conduct hearings with a panel of the Board, conduct legal research and write reasons for those decisions, where appropriate. For further details please see visit the Independent Appointments Commission website.