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Family Law Related Research – Justice Canada

Justice Canada is in the midst of publishing a variety of new family law-related research. Below are links in English and French to the most recent research (published since 2021), with more to be released. Six more family law-relevant research publications are to be released Aug-October and with more in the late fall and winter of 2023/24.

A distribution list of those interested in receiving notifications of new family justice research publications and/or who want to be consulted on selected family justice research projects is also in development.

  • Emails on publications would be, at most once a month
  • Any email seeking input would only be sent on an as needed basis

Anyone who wants to be added to the above lists (publication and consultation) can email Please clarify if you want to be on one or both lists.

Also in development is a compendium of family justice-relevant Canadian statistics incorporating information that family justice professionals, academics, and frontline service providers are interested in having at their fingertips. Feedback from the field on survey development is welcome.

Voice of the Child Programs and Services in Canada by Province and Territory Point de vue de l’enfant – Programmes et services offerts au Canada par les provinces et les territoires
Research at a Glance: Voice of the Child Programs and Services in Canada Recherche en un coup d’œil : Point de vue de l’enfant – Programmes et services offerts au Canada
Research in Brief: Making Appropriate Parenting Arrangements in Family Violence Cases, 2023 Recherche en bref : Conclure les bons arrangements parentaux dans le cas de violence familiale, 2023
Separated and Divorced Parents Experiences with Child Support and Related Issues Expériences des parents séparés et divorcés des pensions alimentaires pour enfants et des questions connexes
Family Disputes and the Canadian Legal Problems Survey, 2021 ( Conflits familiaux et Enquête canadienne de 2021 sur les problèmes juridiques (
Confidence in the Canadian Family Justice System 2022 Confiance dans le système canadien de justice familiale en 2022
The Voice of the Child in Family Law: Exploring Strategies, Challenges, and Best Practices for Canada ( Le point de vue des enfants en droit de la famille : Examen des stratégies, des défis et des meilleures pratiques au Canada (
The Impact of the Lack of Legal Aid in Family Law Cases Incidence du manque d’accès à l’aide juridique en matière de droit de la famille
Use of Technology in the Family Justice System: Annotated Bibliography Utilisation de la technologie dans le système de justice familiale : Bibliographie annotée
HELP Toolkit: Identifying and Responding to Family Violence for Family Law Legal Advisers Aperçu de la Trousse d’outils AIDE – Trousse d’outils AIDE : Comment repérer les cas de violence familiale et intervenir pour les conseillères et conseillers juridiques en droit de la famille
Parenting arrangements after divorce: A 2018-2019 snapshot of the Survey of Family Courts Arrangements parentaux à la suite d’un divorce et d’une séparation : Aperçu 2018-2019 de l’Enquête sur les tribunaux de la famille