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FDRIA Certification


FDRIA is offering a family dispute resolution certification, the Family Dispute Resolution Professional – FDRP Pro, with specializations in a range of practice areas.

The current specializations include:

  • Mediation (Med)
  • Collaborative Family Law (Collab)
  • Arbitration (Arb)
  • Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb)
  • Parenting Coordination (PC)

A Certification indicates that the professional has completed a recognized training program(s) in FDR including in an area of specialization, have related practice experience and are considered by FDRIA to be qualified to provide services in an FDR field.

Anyone seeking to become a Certified member must submit the required supporting material confirming they have EITHER:

1. A valid certification/accreditation in FDR from another organization recognized by FDRIA,


2. Completed the specialization training programs recognized by FDRIA and have related experience and qualifications, which are assessed by FDRIA to meet the standard of an FDR Professional in an area of specialization,


3. Five (5) years or more experience practising in the area of specialization.

As a condition of certification, ALL certified members must commit to complete within 12 months a 3-day course approved by FDRIA on screening, power imbalance, and family violence to maintain certification with FDRIA, and must complete that course within 12 months to maintain certification.


FDRIA Membership in good standing
Minimum education – post secondary degree or 5 years related work experience.
Training: Training in an area of specialization that provides the necessary competencies.
Proof of Liability insurance of 1M. Onus is on member to ensure service is covered.
Adhere to the Standards of Practice

Certification Application Fee: $75
The annual fee for a certified Member is $150

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Posted: June 25, 2024