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Free Session – Trauma-informed Lawyering by the Journey Project

Free ‘Trauma-Informed Lawyering’ *CLE Opportunity

The Journey Project Legal Support Service (JPLSS) is a collaboration between the Journey Project team and trained lawyers who are interested in supporting survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The Journey Project is actively seeking lawyers to join our Legal Support Service lawyer roster. Lawyers on our roster complete PAID consultations with survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence, in areas of law in which they practice or are comfortable providing legal advice.

Currently, our roster is staffed with 25+ lawyers from geographic regions throughout the province, many of whom have been with The Journey Project since our inception in 2018. Our request is coming not from lawyer withdrawal, rather an increased uptake from participants in TJP’s services, which includes increased demand for access to legal advice through us.

As of this writing, The Journey Project has worked with 950+ survivors here in NL, more than 70% of which are interested in lawyer consultation as part of their involvement with us. Recently, we’ve had an influx of survivors wishing to consult with lawyers on our roster and we are acutely aware of the need to increase our capacity to provide this vitally important service.

Lawyers who wish to participate in this program must participate in a free half-day training session on trauma-informed lawyering. This training is being offered at the Law Society of NL on Friday, June 14 from 9:30am – 1:00pm and offers a unique opportunity to build the skills and knowledge of legal professionals and make practicing lawyers eligible to join the Journey Project Legal Support Service.

Training will cover:

  • identifying and understanding trauma and its impacts
  • the neurobiology of trauma
  • rationale and principles of trauma-informed lawyering
  • trauma-informed responses to disclosures
  • burnout, empathic strain, and vicarious trauma

This seminar is free and, *subject to the provisions of the Law Society’s Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Requirements, may constitute 3.5 hours of eligible CLE activities.

To register for this training visit:

If you are interested in learning more about this training or becoming a part of this paid and rewarding program please reach out to Janet Lee, Coordinator at  or 709-986-2801



Posted: May 8, 2024