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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On January 27, we pay tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and reaffirm our commitment to counter antisemitism, racism, and other forms of intolerance that may lead to group-targeted violence. In 2005, the United Nations designated January 27 as a day of remembrance to mark the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration and extermination camp.

The Holocaust is a stark reminder of the dangers of allowing antisemitism, xenophobia, prejudice, and discrimination to spread unchallenged. It also reminds us that silence must never be an option when humanity is threatened.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is an opportunity to reaffirm and strengthen our resolve to combat antisemitism and all forms of discrimination. Join us in honouring the brave survivors and recognizing the heroes who risked their lives to save others during the dark days of the Holocaust.