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Invitation: User Experience Survey for Canadian Lawyers

My Ph.D. research explores ways to improve Canada’s legal system. To find out more about me or my research, please visit my research webpage or contact me.

So far, my research suggests that a possible way to improve Canada’s legal system is by better understanding the experience of individuals in it— including lawyers like yourself.

To better understand your experience, I am asking you to take an anonymous survey. It takes 13-15 minutes and covers three subjects:

  1. judicial decisions & judicial decision-making;
  2. accessing information about what occurs in Canadian courts and about Canadian judges; and
  3. keeping up with jurisprudence and preparing for litigation.

Your insight is essential to my research.

Click here to take the survey.

Jon Khan
B.A. (York), J.D. (uOttawa), LL.M. (U of T), Ph.D. Candidate (Osgoode Hall – York)