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Labour Relations Board Update

Labour Relations Board Vice-Chairperson Position

Vice-Chairperson Joan Marie Aylward will be concluding her term with the Labour Relations Board effective December 31, 2021. The Board sincerely thanks Vice-Chairperson Aylward for her almost four years of service and wishes her the very best in the future.

The process for appointing additional vice-chairpersons to the Board has commenced and is ongoing. It is expected that this process will be completed in the near future and additional vice-chairpersons will be appointed.

Draft Policy Circulars: Membership Information and Privacy

The Board received a significant amount of input and suggestions concerning its recent draft policy circulars on membership information and privacy. The Board will be reviewing this information and making revisions to the draft policy circulars. It will then circulate the further revised draft policy circulars for additional review and comment.