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Law Society is now a Mandatory Vaccination Facility

Please note that effective September 7, 2021, the Law Society will be a mandatory vaccination facility which means that anyone entering the Law Society building must be fully vaccinated in accordance with public health guidelines (currently two weeks post second dose). In light of the evolving information about the transmissibility of the Delta variant, the concern about a fourth wave of the virus and the potential for the development of new variants, the decision to implement a mandatory vaccination policy was made to promote the health and safety of Law Society staff and any others who might access the building from time to time.

Proof of vaccination status can be printed or downloaded from the government website through the link below and provided in advance or prior to entry. Once status is confirmed, any record provided will be deleted/destroyed. If you prefer to control that process, you can bring a printout and destroy it yourself after your status has been noted or display it on your smartphone/other electronic device.