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Lawyer Referral Service Recruitment

Lawyer Referral Service Recruitment – 2024/2025

This year, the Public Legal Information Association of NL (PLIAN) is celebrating its 40th anniversary of providing legal education and information services to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. For a significant portion of this history, one of our core services has been the operation of the province’s only Lawyer Referral Service. You are invited to consider registering for PLIAN’s Lawyer Referral Service for the 2024-2025 year.

This service is more critical than ever. In 2023-2024, PLIAN received a record 4,591 inquiries from the public, an 11% increase from 2022-2023. The Lawyer Referral Service continues to be an important access to justice initiative for the province, providing the opportunity for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to access summary legal advice from a practicing lawyer at a reduced cost.

By registering with the Lawyer Referral Service, you agree to provide an initial 30-minute consultation to individuals referred by PLIAN at a flat rate of $40 (tax included). There is no expectation of providing any services beyond summary legal advice during the consultation, such as the completion of legal documents or representation in court. There is no obligation for the lawyer to continue working with the individual beyond the initial 30-minute consultation, nor for the individual to retain the lawyer.

If you are interested in joining the Lawyer Referral Service, please complete the registration form and email it to at your convenience.

For lawyers currently registered for the Referral Service, we would kindly ask you to still complete the registration form and return it to us. We have updated and amended some of the areas of law on the registration form this year, and this process also ensures that your contact information is accurate and up to date.

If you have questions about the Lawyer Referral Service or any of the work carried out by PLIAN, please contact Kevin O’Shea by email at or by phone at (709) 722-4745.

Thank you for your continued support of PLIAN’s work and for your consideration of participation in the Lawyer Referral Service this year.


Yours Sincerely,

Kevin O’Shea
Executive Director, PLIAN


Posted: April 25, 2024