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Library Service Notice

Library staff will continue to be in the building and provide quick and thorough reference assistance and can supply books during regular business hours. Members, please note that your access cards have been deactivated and you will not be able to get beyond the porch area. This means that the study tables and the library open access computers with the databases are not available for the duration.

The Law Library offers a scanning service for all members, regardless of location in Newfoundland & Labrador. During this state of emergency, we are strongly encouraging you to consider using our scanning service rather than requesting hard copy books.

How the scan service works:

1. Search the catalogue (which is available online and does not require a password)

2. Once you know what you need, contact the Law Library – by email (preferred as this ensures we will be able to return content to your working email) or by phone (709) 753-7770 (or long distance toll–free: 1-800-984-7770) and request a scan of the table of contents or suggestions on content that will match your search – we can and will make recommendations of suitable content. Please be as specific as possible with search requests.

3. Staff will scan the table of contents and provide it to you via email for your review. You can then request the sections and then scan and provide to you what you need from that publication.

Please note that the library continues to support Fair Dealing from the Copyright Act, however, for the duration the rules are relaxed. Please use moderation in your requests as we cannot scan an entire text and it does take time to scan from print material.

We can also conduct searches in the electronic databases and email you case law and other content from the databases. Please be specific as to jurisdiction and any other relevant information.

We are strongly urging that you use the scan service to reduce exposure for staff. If you need to borrow an entire publication from the circulating collection then we will place the books in a package. We request that you contact us and give us an exact time frame for either yourself or a courier to arrive. We will place the items on the porch for pickup close to that time.

We understand, however, there may be times when members need access to materials that cannot typically be removed from the Library and/or access after regular business hours. These will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Law Librarian at or (709) 753-7770 to see if that can be arranged. Please cancel your appointment if you are feeling ill.
Library Materials, Law Society payments, and Law Society mail can be delivered to the Law Society using the secure mail box (red) or the book drop (blue) in the Law Society porch. We are directing all couriers, members, and the public to place any mail in the secure mailbox.

Please consider not requesting a signature in order to reduce contact between staff and couriers. The mailbox is checked three times each day. The first when we open in the morning and all content in the box is date stamped for arrival for the previous day, after lunch and before the end of the day, both of which are date stamped for the day of arrival. This is the same as a signature of delivery. The box is locked, secure, and accessible only by library staff. The Law Society receptionist will continue to work in the building and process all mail upon receipt.

We thank you for your understanding and accommodation during the state of emergency. Please continue to monitor the Law Society website and twitter feed for up-to-date information.

If you have any questions regarding the above or library services during the state of emergency, please contact (709) 758-0815 or email